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Organic Search or Paid Search?

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Organic Search or Paid Search? Which one should I choose for my business?

The quick and anser is both.  Both Organic and Paid Search can help your business be "found" by potential consumers.  However, both strategies are entirely different, and one is significantly more crucial to your Inbound Marketing efforts than the other.

Most would think paid search is a more impactful strategy for a local business to use, right? WRONG.

The most crucial and important foundation you can lay for your business in the field of Search is a solid and fundamental organic plan.  Through organic search, you can reach potential consumers at the very moment they are considering a purchase and provide them with the information exactly when they are looking for it.

88 percent of online search dollars are spent on paid results, even though 85% of searchers click on organic results.* This stat was provided in a phenomenal book about Search titled, "Marketing In The Age Of Google" by Vanessa Fox.  In this same book, Fox stats that an organic listing is two to six times more visible than a paid one. She goes on to state that one hundred percent of searchers look at the first organic result, while only 50% look at the first paid result. Finally, it was reported in this same piece that studies have shown that users trust organic listings more than paid and that organic results are perceived as more relevant.

I truly believe that there is a place for paid search.  In certain times, I think paid search can be a strong compliment to orgranic search.  Additionally, I believe paid search can be a fantastic asset and support mechanism to some of your offline advertising efforts (more on this topic in another blog). 

However, there is no substitute for a strong organic search strategy.  Through an organic strategy, your search results will provide value over time. Whereas, with paid, your results will disappear as soon as your money does the same. Although organic search is less expensive, it does take up more of your time. It also is a gradual and long term process, instead of an instant fix.  

Many businesses have not taken the time out to study the organic search philosophy.  At BlinkJar Media, we truly believe that every single local business should have and implement an organic search strategy.  Do you have one? If you do not, you run the risk of not being found by your potential consumers.

Let BlinkJar Media help with your orgranic search strategy.  To give you an idea of some of the strategy we will cover, click on the link below for a FREE and INSTANT download on Organic Search or SEO.  It's our small way of saying thanks for reading our blog!!

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