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Does Traditional Media Work? 


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Traditional advertising will not provide the desired results, if the same old tactics are being used. The mediums of television, radio, and print are still extremely valuable for local businesses when used in a unique and focused manner. In order to be succesful with any type of advertising, you have to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. This is certainly easier said than done.  

BlinkJar Media is a Baton Rouge based Inbound Marketing and traditional advertising firm. We are wholly comprised of former traditional advertising professionals, with decades of combined experience in all fields of traditional marketing, ranging from print, television, radio, and direct mail.  As an experienced inbound marketing agency, we have seen the best results from our clients who also participate in traditional marketing concurrently with a focused inbound effort.

Whether working with a nascent, unbranded start-up or an established and defined organization, we can take a brand (or help develop a new one) and amplify the client’s messages to their targeted audience on the appropriate traditional marketing platforms.  The campaigns that have been created for our clients utilizing traditional media outlets focus on maintaining brand awareness, expressing the campaign intentions creatively and effectively, and prompting consumers to action.

BlinkJar Media has extensive experience with:

While we, at BlinkJar Media, believe that inbound marketing answers the business owner’s question regarding the effectiveness of marketing, we are not blind to the fact that traditional media continues to serve a purpose for our clients.  Integrated marketing efforts that include inbound and traditional marketing, when the right fit for our clients, are the most advantageous and beneficial.

Some companies view their current advertising as if it were an old baseball glove. Old gloves are comfortable and familiar, but may not be the best asset for your current game. The same concept holds true for your advertising. In order to be relevant in the consumer's mind, your comapny should adapt to the changing landscape in marketing and advertising.

Does your company currently invest in traditional advertising mediums like television, radio and print?  For a free traditional media assessment of your current advertising plan, please complete the form in the right hand column.