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Ashley Roth

UX Specialist



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In 2017, just as Ashley’s college career was coming to a close, she began an internship at the Inbound marketing agency she now calls home.  As it turned out, BlinkJar was the perfect fit for the skills she had developed over the past four years, and as she learned more about the agency and the industry, she knew this was where she wanted to stay.

Originally from Lafayette, Ashley moved to Baton Rouge to attend LSU and immediately fell in love with this bigger city atmosphere that was still so close to home.  In 2017, she earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with a focus in public relations.  After graduation, she took another semester to study visual communication where she learned about the digital creation of art.  It was during this semester that Ashley began her fateful internship at BlinkJar Media.

Today, Ashley is enjoying her newfound career and learning the many ins and outs of Inbound marketing.  She continues to expand her expertise in areas such as graphic design, web design and web development, and with each new skill, her determination to solve problems and learn new ways to create web content grows.

When she isn’t mastering the art of Inbound, you’ll most likely find Ashley traveling with friends, finding new ways to be creative, or just enjoying the great outdoors.