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Digital Marketing For Business


Why Should A Business Invest In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be defined, in it's simplest forms, as utilizing digital channels to promote products and services.  The veins that filter up to the definition of digital media can include many platforms including, but not limited to: 

Digital marketing leverages the power of multiple forms of electronic media. It is worth noting that, however similar to inbound marketing, digital marketing is different.  Inbound marketing focuses on the generation of traffic and converting that traffic into leads and then working those leads down the funnel to delighted customers.  

Digital marketing is the production of online goods and presence whereas inbound marketing is the implementation of digital marketing and then tracking the results of that online exposure for analysis and future marketing modifications and monoploization on discovered opportunities.

BlinkJar Media will not only develop the pieces of a digital marketing portfolio, we will also make those part of an inbound marketing strategy so that they are working to grow exposure, traffic, customer base, and revenues for our clients.  Through content creation, email marketing, video, social media, RSS and a variety of other tools, marketing efforts can become the two way street to which today's consumers respond.