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Episode 6 - Artificial Intelligence

Andy Carter, Blinkjar's Director of Web Development, dives into the world of articial intelligence and takes a close look at its possible applications in the marketing world

- What is artificial intelligence?

 -How has it developed?

- Where is AI headed?

- More importantly, how does AI apply to marketing? Can it help both businesses and consumer while respecting people's privacy?

- Will smarter, more responsive marketing improve customer service, or replace it?

BlinkJab Podcast

Episode 5 - Troubles for Traditional Media

Rikki Broussard, Blinkjar's Director of Traditional Media, sits down to talk about the ever-changing world of traditional media. In this episode you will hear:

- What challenges business owner face as the digital landscape grows.

- What mistakes business owners make in their marketing decisions.

- What mistakes media reps make as marketing budgets shift and diversify.

- What traditional media outlets are in danger of extinction.

- Some fantastic, kid-friendly jokes

BlinkJab Podcast

Episode 4 - Book Review of Disrupted by Dan Lyons

Blinkjar's Founder and CEO, Jared Broussard and Brian Haldane discuss Dan Lyons' book, Disrupted. The book is about Lyons' time at Hubspot and his takeaways from the company.

As Hubspot partners, Jared and Brian see things through a completely different lens, and take Lyons to task for a lot of his opinions on the company. They look at the accusations Lyons makes, and give their takes on how dealing with Hubspot has been a far better experience than Lyons describes.

The guys also talk about inbound marketing in general and Dan Lyons' take on how business is done in 2016.

If you have not yet read the book, there are a few spoilers in this review. If you have read the book, see if you agree or disagree with Jared and Brian.


BlinkJab Podcast

Episode 3 - Content Creation

BlinkJar's Director of Content Creation, Lindsey Blanchard, and Inbound Marketing Consultant, Anne Monk, discuss how to create top-notch content and share a few of the secrets they've learned along the way.

-How do you get more out of your current sources?

-How do you find new angles on old topics?

-How much should your style adapt to your client's business?

- Where do you turn for ideas?


BlinkJab Podcast

Episode 2 - Marketing Analytics

BlinkJar's Founder and CEO, Jared Broussard, talks about the importance of marketing analytics. 

-Why should your company track analytics?

-What do analytics tell you about your marketing? 

-What numbers are important to track?

BlinkJab Podcast

Episode 1 - Google's Right-Hand Rail

BlinkJar Media's Director of Paid Marketing, Dan Davidson, discusses Google's recent elimination of ads on the right side of the screen.

- What exactly did Google do?

- Why did they do it?

- What does this mean from a user's standpoint?

- What does it mean from a marketer or advertiser's standpoint?