Video Series on Web Marketing Basics

Web Marketing For Business Owners


Basics of Inbound Marketing Explained In Short Video Format

BlinkJarGon is a series of short videos where we cut throught the jargon of web marketing in the blink of an eye.  Through these videos we cover the basics of inbound marketing and answer common questions. Each video will focus on a new topic related to Inbound Marketing. BlinkJargon is ideal for business owners or medical firms that are beginning the journey with web marketing. We have listed a library of topics for reference below:

What is SEO?

what is seo?SEO is becoming a popular term.  What does it mean?  What does it do?






seo vs ppcWhen you search for something with Google, you'll get two different responses.

One is organic, the other is paid.  




What is "inbound marketing"?

what is inbound marketing thumbnail resized 600The newest trend in marketing is an approach called "inbound marketing".

What the heck does it mean and how do you do it?

Find the answer to the question - What Is Inbound Marketing?



Why blog?

why blog thumbnail 2 resized 600

It seems like everyone is blogging, but why? 





What is Content Marketing?

content marketing thumbnail resized 600You market your brand and you market your message, why don't you market your content? It used to take a TV or radio commercial, now you have the resources to manage and market your content at your fingertips. 




Should you boost posts on Facebook?

Should A Business Boost Post on Facebook?The Boost Post option on Facebook makes reaching a larger audience painless and simple. But this simplicity comes at a cost -- control.