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Digital Marketing in Baton Rouge: 2019 Design Trends [Infographic]



design trends in baton rouge

Design trends can change slowly from generation to generation or decade to decade. However, they can also change quickly from year to year or season to season. It’s also not unusual for once-popular aesthetic elements and styles to make a comeback. This is true for everything from fashion to architecture to automobiles, and more. It is even more important today for your brand than ever before. There are so many ways for potential clients, customers, patients, and consumers, in general, to interact with your business or organization that design, display, and communication have never had a more significant impact.

Countless social media platforms and an online presence combined with traditional advertising avenues like billboards and print ads, how you present yourself in terms of design is imperative. This also includes the tangible, traditional components of your everyday operation, they need to be done well, and they need to be done right to work together. While the graphic favorites of the late 90s or early 60s may be making a comeback, having your finger on the pulse of what is driving engagement today is what counts. Check out the infographic below to see 2019’s design trends.




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