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Baton Rouge Marketing Agency Reveals the Missing Link in Radio Ads

Any how-to guide on writing copy for radio commercials will tell you to give a description of the product, mention its benefits, and maybe include a testimonial. You should also keep it brief and leave room for all of the company’s pertinent contact information. But what is often overlooked is the right call-to-action.

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5 Reasons Video Needs to be Added to Your Baton Rouge Marketing Plan

The use of video has grown over the past few years to be a staple of marketing plans for companies of all sizes. More people are embracing the potential that video brings, and the data shows us that number is only going to grow from here. YouTube says their mobile video consumption doubles every year, and as marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuck recently said, “No matter what you’re selling, no matter what your company does, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy for the biggest video platforms, you are going to lose.”

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A Quick Checklist To Start A Podcast For Your Baton Rouge Business

The number of businesses that host a podcast as part of their content marketing strategy currently exceeds 21 million and literally grows by the day. The reasons for wanting a podcast for your business are simple; aside from content being abundant and the popularity of podcasts growing, podcast put you in the position of being a thought leader in your industry by talking about what you love to do. So, what do you need to start a podcast for your Baton Rouge business?

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Baton Rouge Marketing Agency Warns of the Dangers of Automation

At BlinkJar Media, we pride ourselves on being a family first company. The majority of our team members have kids ranging from newborns to tweens. We work hard as a team, so we can participate and share in the lives of our children. Whether it's a school play or a swim meet, we appreciate the opportunity to be present with our children. Our children take priority, and we always cover for one another to ensure this privilege is never lost. Children are the reason BlinkJar exists, and they are an integral part of our company.

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Baton Rouge Marketing Firm Touts Benefits of Youtube

YouTube-logo-full_color.jpgOne of the things I love about working in inbound marketing is how often I participate on the receiving end of the message without even knowing it. In radio or TV, when a commercial comes on, you know a commercial is coming on. That’s not to say the message of that commercial is lost because you know it’s a commercial; but rather, it’s saying that there is an understood relationship between buyer and seller that establishes, “you have three minutes or so to sell me something, then it’s back to me enjoying my show.” With Inbound it’s different because the message isn’t interrupting something the consumer is doing, but instead, is something that is sought out by the user.

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Baton Rouge Marketing Firm Predicts Next Trend in TV Advertising


Like many people, I rarely get the opportunity to watch prime time television live. Life gets in the way and I have to DVR my favorite shows. From an advertiser’s standpoint, one of the biggest problems with this is that as a viewer, I get to fast forward through commercials. So the question becomes, how can you go about making your spots “DVR proof?” Fox’s Gotham and Ford may have found an answer to that question, and may be on to the next trend in TV advertising.

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Twitter for Business: The Do's and Dont's, A Baton Rouge Media Example

In Baton Rouge, the local NBC affiliate has been in a contract dispute with cable provider Cox Communications.  The dispute is over fees that are paid from the cable provider to the individual stations for allowing the cable provider access to include their product as part of the service that the cable company provides. The dispute has led to NBC being pulled off the air for cable customers. This blog is not about who is right and who is wrong in the dispute. This blog is about how a customer complaint turned into a “how to” and “how not to” engage on Twitter and about how you handle customers while the dispute is ongoing.

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The Pros and Cons of Newsjacking

Newsjacking continues to grow in popularity as a means of content creation. Whether it be for a blog, or simply in social media, more companies are using newsjacking to grow their brand, share their knowledge, and connect to their clientele. Before working in inbound marketing, I worked in Talk Radio, so naturally, the concept is one of my favorites

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Podcast

Podcasting is entering its second decade of existence, and continues to grow rapidly. How rapidly? 2014 ended with Americans listening to 21.1 million hours of podcasts per day. According to Edison research, the number of published podcasts grew by 18% from last spring to last fall alone. Does that mean it’s time for your business to start a podcast? To answer that question, we have put together 5 reasons your business should have a podcast.

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5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Was Built For Realtors

Inbound marketing has many benefits that apply to many different fields, and real estate is no exception. I was recently talking to a realtor friend of mine who was asking “where he needed to be” online in order to increase sales. The more we talked, the more I realized that it wasn’t about where he needed to be. It was about where his clients and potential clients are, and how to make those things intersect by helping them find him.

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Is a blogger a journalist?

The better question may be, is your blog reliable?

What makes a journalist a journalist? Can a blogger be considered a journalist? More to the point, are you treating your blog as if it were a reliable news source?

Before working in inbound marketing, I spent the previous decade working in news radio. Bloggers had opinions and occasionally could provide analysis, but bloggers were not considered journalists. The term journalist was reserved for people who worked for a traditional media outlet.

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5 lessons on Inbound Marketing from Stuart Scott

The passing of Stuart Scott has left the media world saddened, but in his brief time with us, Scott has left an on-air legacy that will stay with American sports and pop culture for years to come. A lot of us were brought up watching Scott on Sportscenter and, consciously or not, we learned a lot from him just by watching.

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