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Using Call Tracking to Improve Content

Long gone are the days of disjointed marketing efforts and advertising campaigns.  In today’s world of inbound marketing and readily available, in-depth analytics, it seems almost laughable to think of a time when businesses would spend advertising dollars without ever really knowing how many customers resulted from them.  Now, we are often able to track our leads from their very first point of contact to the moment they convert and adjust our marketing efforts based on data. 

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BlinkJar Media Awarded Top 100 Inbound Marketing Blog

From the beginning, our Baton Rouge-based inbound marketing agency has strived to stay ahead of the curve with the latest industry news and best practices.  In turn, this knowledge has been readily passed to entrepreneurs, marketers, and other interested parties through the regularly maintained BlinkJar Media blog.  Topics covered encompass all elements of the inbound marketing realm, from SEO to social media, while also educating readers on how to effectively connect these components to their more traditional marketing efforts.  Today, we are proud to announce that the wealth of information included on the BlinkJar Media site has led to its distinction as one of the top 100 inbound marketing blogs across the web.

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Google Featured Snippet: What is it, and Why is it Important?

Ever since search engine optimization entered the collective consciousness of marketers and business owners, there has been a long-fought struggle to clinch the coveted number one organic ranking position for targeted search queries.  But, if there is anything that Google has taught us over the years, it’s that nothing stays the same, a fact reinforced by the growing popularity of the featured snippet.  Just when we truly believed that it couldn’t get better than achieving number one, along came this little feature, otherwise known as position zero.

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Google My Business:  Using the Google Post Feature


For today’s consumer, local search is a wondrous thing.  No matter what type of business we’re looking for or where, a simple search query returns our nearby options within moments.  It’s a functionality we’ve become so reliant on that 30 percent of our mobile searches (the top used method for online search) are related specifically to location.  And, not only are we using these results to locate a business, we’re using them to conduct research and make purchases, making the local search results that we see powerful tools for sales and marketing.

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7 Deadly Sins of Business Blogging

In today’s world of SEO and online marketing, it seems that everyone has a blog.  From mom bloggers to Fortune 500 companies, there isn’t a stone left unturned when it comes to this particular form of content creation.  So, it’s only natural that you too may be considering a blog for your own business.  However, more than simply writing, there’s a lot that goes into making a blog effective.  To start, here are seven mistakes that all business bloggers should be careful to avoid:

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Will Duplicate Content Get You Penalized?

The more eyeballs that land on your content, the better it will perform.  Seems like a no brainer, right?  Yet, due to lingering misconception, many bloggers find themselves hesitant to place their content anywhere other than their own site.  Google is well-known for keeping their ranking factors and algorithms close to the vest, leaving it up to marketers to determine best practices between the few tidbits that are provided and their own trial and error. 

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Making Your Content Work Smarter: Blog Promotion

Previously, we’ve discussed selecting targeted long-tail keywords for your blog and how to optimize your posts for SEO purposes.  Mastering those two components are essential to your blog’s success, but there is still one last piece necessary to give your work all the oomph it needs – content promotion.  Unfortunately, this last step is also frequently overlooked. To steal an analogy from my boss, it’s like running the perfect race only to trip just before the finish line. 

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Making Your Content Work Smarter: Blog SEO

You’ve identified desirable and achievable long-tail keywords to target with your blog.  You’ve put together a stellar piece of content that you just know will resonate with your audience.  Now, it’s time to take the steps needed to get it in front of them.  After all, no matter how amazing the content, it isn’t worth much if no one can find it.  Don’t let all of your research, time, and incredible wordsmithing go to waste.  Properly optimizing your blog for search engine optimization (SEO) can help your content become your hardest working salesperson.

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Making Your Content Work Smarter: Keywords

If you are a business owner or have otherwise been handed the responsibility of taking charge of your organization’s marketing efforts, you likely have devoted some time to blogging or are, at the very least, beginning to consider it.  Deciding to take on the responsibility is step one.  Step two is trying to figure out where in the world to start and if you’re doing it right.

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When The Content Well Runs Dry: Developing a Blog Strategy

In the life of any writer, there comes a time (or many) when you just have no clue what to say anymore.  For bloggers who are responsible for fresh content on a weekly or daily basis, this is particularly true.  Let’s say, for instance, that you have a client who is a dermatologist.  After weeks, months, or even years of writing about skin, hair, and nails, you will likely find yourself thoroughly convinced that there is nothing left to say.  How can you possibly have a new and interesting take on the same topic you’ve been writing about for so very long? 

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Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Business?

It’s tempting, and a common social media misstep, for business owners to promote their product/service on all available platforms.  The thought process is typically somewhere along the lines of “If it’s free, why not?  What can it hurt?”  On the other end of the spectrum are those who completely shun social or put all of their efforts into a single site.  While there are always exceptions, neither of these extremes are where most of us should be.  Are you attempting to attract every possible age group, income level, and professional status from stay-at-home mom all the way to CEO?  If the answer is no, then your social media efforts need to be very specific and concentrated.  If they aren’t, you’re wasting valuable time, energy, and resources, promoting to an audience who will never need you.

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Using a Blog to More Effectively Communicate with Patients

In today’s healthcare environment, doctors are quickly shuffling from one exam room to the next, inputting data, and finding very little time left over to truly communicate with their patients. Patients, in turn, feel neglected and often leave with the impression that many of their questions are still unanswered or their concerns still unaddressed. Not surprisingly, research has shown that, among the most frequent patient complaints, is the feeling that their doctor is simply not listening to them.

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