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How Can Social Media Support Call Tracking?

If your business has invested in advertising, it’s a given you want that money to help you stand out, produce an ROI, and convert leads into customers.  You may think your website alone can handle all the heavy lifting of lead generation.  After all, no one actually uses the phone anymore, right?  Wrong.  Studies show that call leads convert 10-15 times more often that web leads and that calls to U.S. businesses from search, social, display, or other paid ad campaigns ads have grown 110 percent since 2014.  

Now, here’s where social media comes into play.  Social media advertising is on the rise and set to increase exponentially.  Advertising campaigns of the past never experienced the kind of exposure potential that is available with social media.  In fact, if you’re not putting some of your advertising/marketing budget towards running Facebook ad campaigns, you’re doing it wrong.  Facebook alone offers access to nearly a billion daily active users on mobile phones.  

Combining the effectiveness of social media advertising with click-to-call functionality will help ensure success in turning those leads into customers and seeing an ROI on your investment.  In order to do this and report on calls from ads, marketers need to set up call tracking. So, let’s get down to it with what that entails and the benefits advertisers stand to gain.

Click-To-Call in Social Ads

When your social media campaign includes a click-to-call button on the advertisement, a simple click links the ad directly to the call and therefore to the conversion. Take it from us, this click-to-call button should not be underestimated. If a potential customer doesn’t see a click-to-call button on an advertisement, 47 percent of those searchers said they will likely explore a competitor’s ad instead – this means your business will lose out on an ample opportunity to connect with a valuable customer.

Call Tracking Identifies the Social Media Source

Call tracking goes beyond only measuring the number of calls an ad generates.  Additionally, it offers a view of the customer’s actions before and during the call. Wait, how does that work? Thanks to an innovation called “social dynamic number insertion,” the precise source of a phone call and resulting actions can be carefully tied together. A unique phone number is presented to each website or landing page visitor based on the social media ad source. That unique number can then be used to determine the exact source of the lead, and tie the ROI to a specific social media advertising campaign. This allows marketers to measure and test the effectiveness of social media advertising in real time.

Call Tracking Gives Customer Insight

We all want to understand our customers better.  Social dynamic number insertion enables marketers to track interactions with the business while also providing a wealth of demographic information about the callers. Need more convincing? This type of reporting includes the impact of social advertising campaigns on inbound leads, opportunities, and sales closed over the phone. Including dynamic call tracking as part of your social media advertising strategy can also help marketers understand the key conversion takeaways, rank phone leads based on the type of inquiry, assess purchase intent, and determine how well the business’s team handled the call.

By tying call tracking and social media advertising campaigns together, you can precisely measure ROI with confidence. Marketers can utilize social dynamic number insertion to create a measurement opportunity, identify the source of the call, track volume and quality, target social advertising spending, and identify the best prospects for social targeting. It all comes down to a science and balance that reduces the number of lost leads while adding value to your client’s business process and taking relationships with customers to the next level.

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