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Tips for Incorporating Video into your Social Media Strategy

Video For Social Media The landscape of social media is constantly evolving, forcing marketers to stay ahead of the game and leverage their creativity to ensure their posts are seen while also keeping consumers engaged.  Today, that means producing quick, eye-catching, informative videos that algorithms will favor and users will actually watch.  When done effectively, videos can be a great way to show off a product or service, highlight your brand’s personality, and connect with your audience.

Luckily for us in this ever-changing digital age, the world wide web has given us the tools to create these videos at the drop of a hat and without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a marketer like myself, a small business owner, or an agency with an in-house video production team, everyone can benefit from a few tips for creating video content for consumers and implementing them into social media strategy.


Consider Your Video’s Purpose

Before you jump into creating a video, take a moment to sit down and think about its intended purpose. Do you want to showcase a new product? Provide information that is beneficial to your consumer? You have very little time to grab your audience’s attention, so it is imperative to find a balance that allows you to achieve your goal without forcing anything on them. Again, having a defined purpose will help you create a better video from start to finish.


Design Your Videos with the Platform in Mind

After you have hashed out the details and the purpose of your video, it’s important to decide where it will be posted. The options are endless with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Take a moment to think about where your audience is online and which specific social networks you will be using to reach them. This is key when creating videos, so you don’t waste time on a format that won’t work across multiple channels or that doesn’t conform to the different display, size, and time limitations that are exclusive to that social platform.


Add Value to Your Videos

When creating videos for your social media strategy, you should always be adding value for your audience. This allows you to grab and hold their attention long enough to deliver your intended message. This value to the audience can take several forms.  Value can be an educational moment, a laugh, a moment of reflection, or a look into a new or existing product. And, if your video doesn’t relate to your brand, don’t post it. You want your videos to deliver value and entertainment, but they should also enable you to gain credibility and trust from your audience.


End Videos with a Call-to-Action

Don’t leave your audience hanging after they’ve taken the time to watch your video.  Always include the relevant next steps. A call-to-action at the end of the video can include your web address or a phone number where they can contact you. If your content has delivered value and engaged the consumer, they will act. A user’s time and attention are precious commodities.  Don’t waste them.  When you digitally “take them by the hand” and lead them to the next steps, it increases the chance that they will take the action you desire. Don’t be scared of testing new tactics in order to grab their attention or of going over the top with the value you provide. Always make it memorable, and keep the consistent goal to help the consumer in one way or another.


Go ahead and dip your toe into the sea of video content for your social media strategy and channels. Tell your story, show off new ways to use your product or service, or take your audience behind the scenes of your business. There are tools for every level of video production, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran. Use them to your advantage, and watch how your social media strategy can benefit from the rising trend of video.

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