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BlinkJar Media: What Does It Mean?

In Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, we were introduced to the character of Jar Jar Binks, a tall and rangy Gugan outcast from the planet of Naboo.  Jar Jar Binks was a clumsy, well-meaning character that failed to endear himself to the public. To many, Jar Jar Binks was the biggest flop in the history of Star Wars. So, we want to set the record straight. Jar Jar Binks has nothing to do with the naming of BlinkJar. Phew, we feel better now.  

Naming your business is the first step in creating your identity as an organization. The name of your business is used in conversations, presentations, proposals, social media posts, and online searches. On a deeper level, your company name is the heart and soul of your existence. In his book “Start With Why," Simon Sinek states that “Nobody cares what you do. They care why you do it." When a company can speak to the why of its organization by referencing their name, then they have made a wise choice for the name.

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It's Movember at BlinkJar!

This is a call to the follically challenged as well as to those of you who look like Ambrose Everett Burnside before your Frosted Flakes are soggy.  The jack-o-lanterns have faded away with October and candy is on sale everywhere.  That's right, today is the first day of the month formerly known as November.  Its Movember.

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An Inspiration To Our Inbound Marketing Agency In Baton Rouge

Let's quickly rewind two weeks in time. I was on the phone with one of our Inbound Marketing clients, who just so happens to be a friend, a client, and a mentor. Through our discussions, he informed me about the book, FISH A REMARKABLE WAY TO BOOST MORALE AND IMPROVE RESULTS

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Why I <3 Inbound Marketing

I have always considered myself a problem solver and leader.  I have always been the team member that just went ahead and took the reins of the group project and got that ball rolling.  I have always been the critic that can tell you the ways to make your creation better.  I have also been “that person” that wants to offer up a solution that fixes your problem.   Carry over into real life. Marketing style.

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A Great Year For This Inbound Marketing Agency In Baton Rouge


2013 is going to be a great year.  At BlinkJar Media, we are approaching our one year mark, and we could not be more excited about the future.  Over the past year, we have doubled in our employee base due to the work capacity that we have earned.

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The Future of Inbound Marketing in Baton Rouge Looks Bright

There is no secret that marketing is changing.  To some, this is a very fearful fact of life. To us, it is the most exciting and motivating time to be on the agency business.  

The world of Inbound Marketing is exploding, and it is providing local business owners the opportunity to spread their wings and utilize marketing in a way that was unheard of even five years ago.

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10 Reasons To Be Thankful Today As A Baton Rouge Ad Agency

A little over a year ago, BlinkJar Media did not even exist.  Through extensive research, an investment into a progressive and innovative web product in Hubspot, many sleepless nights, thousands of miles of traveling, and an extremely supportive wife and family, BlinkJar Media has made the last ten months of my life (and the first 10 months of BlinkJar Media) a complete 360 degree life altering experience (all for the better).  

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Exactly What Does BlinkJar Media Do For Clients?

So, exactly what does BlinkJar Media Do for Clients? I probably get this question three or four times a week.  And, it is a very reasonable question to ask, as we are certainly cutting against the grain of the traditional ad agency business in Baton Rouge.  In fact, I still am not convinced my wife, who is in the world of marketing and advertising, still one hundred percent understands the whole Inbound Marketing concept.  But, once someone sees the concept in action, the light bulb for the business owner definitely comes on in a very big way.

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The Next Level of Inbound Marketing

I am a big fan of Inbound Markekting. Truth be told, I am a hybrid of sorts.  My background is in the broadcast television advertising sales field, so my training or upbrining is in the traditional media arena.  However, I am extremely passionate about the future or forward value of Inbound Marketing. I have personally witnessed the seismic shifts in the traditional media industry that were mentioned in the book, Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and blogs. The book was written by the two founding parnters of Hubspot, Brian Haligan and Dharmesh Shah

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