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The Local Media Advertising Sale: Buyer Beware

Just the other day I told my friend I'd love some new dresses for work. Because she is awesome, she sent me a $50 off dress sale ad from Ann Taylor. I liked the dresses -- the style, the colors, and the length. The only thing that bugged me was the price. Even with the $50 off, the price was still more than I wanted to spend. Also, the marketer in me knew that they'd have a deeper discount down the line or I may find a similar dress at a different retailer for a lower price, and I would be kicking myself for falling for the $50 off incentive. So, I passed and moved on with my life.

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The Epidemic of Banner Blindness

I remember a time, as a child, when I first had a computer at my disposal in the house. I was 7 or 8 years old, and doing history homework that involved finding information online. While using a very early — painfully early — version of Internet Explorer, I landed upon a site with a glowing, flashing, obnoxiously yellow banner that proclaimed that I'd won one million dollars. I was absolutely floored; I hadn't even had to do anything for it!

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Business Owners: Does It Cost More Money To Hire An Ad Agency?

Does it cost your business more money to use an advertising agency? Nope. Blog over. Okay, just kidding. The answer really is that simple, but when it comes to business owners hiring an ad agency, there are many myths and false assumptions that should be clarified. 

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A Baton Rouge Ad Agency's Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. A glorious day of chicken wings, barley pops and various football shaped delicacies, the likes of which you haven’t enjoyed in at least 2 entire weeks since the last football game you watched. As you can tell by the shared and “leaked” videos on Facebook and Twitter, apparently companies advertise in this game. Last year’s game was watched by an estimated 108.4 million people (that’s 216.8 million eyeballs and earballs if you’re keeping score at home)(I’m kind of good at math…).

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Announce Your Presence with Authority through a Baton Rouge Ad Agency

“Give him the heat and announce your presence with authority.”  Famous words from the movie, “Bull Durham”, and an adage your business should embrace.  For Nuke LaLoosh a screaming fastball was the best weapon in his arsenal.  As a business owner, your website is yours.   It is the most powerful way for you to be present for your customers and clients.  Today your customers aren’t always in your store, or on your phone, they probably aren’t even on your website until they need something.  More people than ever are researching and asking questions online.  You very well may have the answers to these questions and you need to let people know that.  A Baton Rouge ad agency is a great way to accomplish this.  A website simply says “I’m here, hope you find me”.  A website with relevant, timely content says, “I’m the authority, here’s your answer”.   

You don’t need a 98 mph fastball to announce your presence.  You simply need the answers to the questions your customers and potential customers are scouring search engines for.  The best way to be “present” is to be present on Google.  So, how do you put your answers, your website, and your company where it can be found on Google?  Simple, you make Google happy.  What makes Google happy?  Making humans happy.  Most of your customers are probably humans, so that works out well.

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Effective Marketing and Advertising Takes Time And Effort


 "I don't have the time or resources for Marketing"

"Social Media is a waste of time"

"I need to get the word out, but I don't have the time or money to invest into Marketing and Advertising"

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VW Super Bowl Ads- Cheers or Jeers?

You can always count on Volkswagen to bring a fresh and alternative view to pretty much anything.  They are a lifestyle auto manufacturer, and they focus on conveying their marketing messages in a friendly and non-salesy way.

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Why Your On-line and Off line Marketing Efforts Should ZING!

ZING?  You are probably asking yourself, "What the heck is Zing?" We will explain and give you plenty of reasoning behind why your on-line and off line marketing efforts should ZING. 

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Transparency In Advertising


As an Advertising and Inbound Marketing Agency in Baton Rouge, we are constantly exposed to opportunities that "lock" consumers in a certain package at a certain discount.  We completely understand the partnership opportunity and strategy behind "locking in" an advertiser. There are many benefits to both the advertiser and the media outlet for this type of partnership. 

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10 Advertising Rules For Baton Rouge

This article will hopefully help you avoid some advertising cliches. I hope you find it useful.

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Auto Advertising Baton Rouge

In our last blog, we discussed the changing and evolving world of search.  Specifically, we asked for your opinion and feedback as it relates to your specific use of the yellow pages. We really appreciate the direct and honest feedback that you provided.  It is always important to continue to stay in tune with the pulse of the community.

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Yellow Page Advertising Baton Rouge


The yellow page contracts are up for renewal in the Baton Rouge market.  In several meetings recently, I have been surprised at the dollars that are invested in the print version of the yellow pages.  In many markets, the yellow pages is becoming an "opt-in" consumer choice. In another words, if you are really interested in having the Yellow Pages, you must "opt-in" to have it sent to you.

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