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Call Tracking and SEO: Harmful or Helpful?

All business owners share one thing in common -- a yearning for a more defined return on investment from their marketing and advertising efforts. In marketing circles, this is called "closing the loop." One of the most effective ways businesses can close the loop and gain a clearer picture on their return on investment is through call tracking.

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Using Call Tracking to Improve Content

Long gone are the days of disjointed marketing efforts and advertising campaigns.  In today’s world of inbound marketing and readily available, in-depth analytics, it seems almost laughable to think of a time when businesses would spend advertising dollars without ever really knowing how many customers resulted from them.  Now, we are often able to track our leads from their very first point of contact to the moment they convert and adjust our marketing efforts based on data. 

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How Can Social Media Support Call Tracking?

If your business has invested in advertising, it’s a given you want that money to help you stand out, produce an ROI, and convert leads into customers.  You may think your website alone can handle all the heavy lifting of lead generation.  After all, no one actually uses the phone anymore, right?  Wrong.  Studies show that call leads convert 10-15 times more often that web leads and that calls to U.S. businesses from search, social, display, or other paid ad campaigns ads have grown 110 percent since 2014.  

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Baton Rouge Digital Marketing: Why Call Tracking and Google AdWords Need to Go Together

65% of businesses consider phone calls to be their most valuable source of leads.  This makes sense because a phone call gives you the opportunity to engage directly with a potential customer or client.  While creating a relevant ad, developing a targeted keyword strategy, and designing a conversion-friendly landing page to generate leads is a strong initiative and the basis of paid search advertising, if you aren’t tracking calls then you’re not seeing the entire picture and could be leaving money on the table. 

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