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3 Best Practices for Businesses on Social Media

Although social media is an ever-changing landscape, there are certain key approaches you can take to garner the most engagement from your audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, be intentional about what, when, and how often you are sharing content online. Here are three best practices that will help you get the most out of social media.

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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Facebook Ads

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Paid advertising? Isn’t the whole point of inbound marketing that your wisdom and wit bring customers to you rather than your wallet? Well, sort of. Inbound marketing is about creating a reputable and accessible presence for qualified customers to discover along their buyer’s journey. Putting just a small amount of money behind a completely customizable post or ad on your small business’ Facebook Page can help increase local awareness and engagement without the headache of a long-term contract.

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Facebook: A Millennial's Swiss Army Knife

I'll come out and say it. I've deactivated my Facebook. Several times, in fact. You have too, haven't you?

But something keeps us coming back. 

The last time I deactivated my Facebook was nearly four years ago. It was the fall of my junior year, and my productivity was at an all-time low.

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Facebook Forces Us to Spend More to Get Site Clicks

I spent the better part of this afternoon creating Facebook ads for 3 different clients in various fashions (site clicks, like campaigns, page boosts), and I hit an impasse numerous times with a new error message regarding ad budgets on site clicks. When the heck did that happen? I searched and got no answers.

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Facebook Advertising for Businesses: 3 Common Missteps

It’s difficult to remember a time when you didn’t catch up the day’s events, family milestones and latest news from a little place called Facebook.  Whether its photos from a long distance birthday party, the newest viral video, or communicating about this weekend’s plans, Facebook has revolutionized the way we socialize.  Did you know that there are over 1.4 billion (yes, billion with a “B”) users on Facebook?  That means one in every seven people on the planet have a Facebook account.  That is a 13% increase year-over-year, so this gargantuan social network isn’t slowing down. 

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Boosting Facebook Posts: Should A Local Business Do It?

Facebook has made advertising "easy" for every business with a page. In an effort to entice businesses to reach more people with their content or offers, Facebook has created a "boost post" option that is conveniently and wisely placed under each organic post.

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Eat24: Complaining About Facebook is Annoying!

There are no free lunches, but apparently Eat24 thinks there should be when it comes to Facebook. Eat24 recently expressed its frustration with the latest Facebook algorithm change through a breakup letter. The focus of the letter centered on the new Facebook algorithm which is said to decrease the organic reach of business page posts on Facebook. As a result of this change, many companies have resorted to advertising on Facebook in an effort to reach their fan base.  There have been many articles written and public complaints voiced regarding these new changes. After reading the breakup letter by Eat24, I am convinced that the more knowledgeable and adaptive companies will be the ones that succeed with their ad efforts on Facebook. I am also convinced that the lazy and entitled tone showcased in the Eat24 letter is a microcosm of what is wrong with our business world today.

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Understanding Best Marketing Practices for Facebook vs. Twitter

A recent study conducted by Ascend2, found that very few companies are pleased with the results of their SEO efforts. At best, most found their outcomes to be only “somewhat successful.” The balancing act of SEO has proven difficult for many to master. Which tactics are most impactful? What combination of efforts will provide the best results? The mix may be different from one business to the next, and what proves successful for one may not be the best approach for another. However, there is one key element that remains a necessity for all, the ultimate goal of all marketing efforts: customer engagement.

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Hashtags and Facebook: A Marriage, Long Overdue

Last week, Facebook rolled out news of their plans to make hashtags clickable and to enable users the ability to search and find content on the Facebook platform.  Do you hear the resounding cheers from Facebook users and marketers alike?

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Why Should I "like" Your Facebook Page

In our last blog, we wrote about taking the correct approach when creating your next television ad. In our professional opinion, when creating an ad campaign, it is best to speak less about your company and more about your potential consumer.  In another words, we think it is a good strategy to answer the question the consumer will always be asking when they are exposed to your ad, "What is in it for me?" So, instead of answering the questions of Who, What, When, or How, your ad should be answering the question of why. 

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