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Coincidence and context can be easily confused.  If you see someone wearing the same shirt as you, that could strike you as quite the coincidence.  However, if you’re at a sporting event and most people are cheering for the same team, seeing a person with a matching jersey may not be that surprising.  In context, a coincidence can quickly be revealed to be anything but.  The Google Display Network has brought this revelation to digital advertisers, and can be a powerfully effective tool.

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Baton Rouge Marketing Strategy: A Lesson From Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer won his last major in 1964; however as he became a legend in the game that was developed in 1574 at St. Andrews in Scotland, this young man from Latrobe, Pennsylvania captured the nation’s attention and took golf by storm in the late 1950’s.  Over 60 years later his undeniable brand, infectious smile, and enchanting stories have been a staple at every golf course, in every pro shop, and during every golf tournament.  Palmer claimed 95 professional wins including:

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Richard Sherman: A Marketing Opportunity Wasted

Last night, Richard Sherman, a rising star for the Seattle Seahawks, had ONE MOMENT to elevate his position in the eyes of millions of viewers, and he blew it. This article is one opinion (mine) on how Richard Sherman broke some very basic rules of marketing. This article is not meant to be an argument or an attack on his personal character. It is simply my opinion on how Richard Sherman violated all of the “positioning” rules of marketing. I fully expect to receive the “who cares” about marketing response. I completely understand that Richard Sherman is on the Seattle Seahawks to play football. However, when you break this incident down, everyone, including Seattle Seahawk fans, should care. This is truly a case of Richard Sherman: A Marketing Opportunity Wasted.

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9 Worst Examples of Holiday Stock Photography

Images are a vital piece in any marketing message. Whether in an ad or a blog post, adding a visual aspect to your message greatly increases the likelihood that you’ll be noticed and successfully get your point across. About 90% of information processed by the brain is visual in nature, and by far the top performing social media posts are those that include photos. Yet, as any marketer knows, there is a dark underbelly in the world of stock photography.

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Nick Saban vs. Les Miles: Who Is The Better Marketer?

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Effective Marketing and Advertising Takes Time And Effort


 "I don't have the time or resources for Marketing"

"Social Media is a waste of time"

"I need to get the word out, but I don't have the time or money to invest into Marketing and Advertising"

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A Branding Mistake To Avoid In Marketing Your Product or Company

I recently was listening to a business interview with a PR representative of a well known electronics company.  The PR representative of the company was speaking about some of the exciting new launches for the upcoming holiday period.  I was extremely impressed and excited to hear all of the cool things that are being released on a daily basis.  On a complete side note, I think I have become that techie geek that I used to make fun of in the past.  

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Why Your On-line and Off line Marketing Efforts Should ZING!

ZING?  You are probably asking yourself, "What the heck is Zing?" We will explain and give you plenty of reasoning behind why your on-line and off line marketing efforts should ZING. 

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It's The Next Best Thing In Marketing

Last week, Mashable reported that Instagram recently surpassed Twitter for the number of total active daily mobile users. Pretty impressive for Instagram, but what does it mean in the business world? Does this mean all businesses should drop their Twitter accounts and put all their resources and effort into Instagram? Does it mean that Twitter is ineffective for businesses? Does it mean that Instagram will become the largest social media on the planet? 

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Marketing is Everything

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