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Mulitple Web Domains with the Same Content Is Marketing Malpractice

It's natural to conclude two is better than one. We were taught this basic fact at an early age, and few situations in life negate this basic concept. For this reason, it is easy to understand why any medical practice would think two web domains for their practice is better than one. One domain is good; then two domains must be better, right? This assumption is wrong as multiple web domains with the same content is marketing malpractice. 

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Baton Rouge Web Marketing: The Rise of Search for Healthcare

Our thirst for knowledge is as limitless as our patience to find answers is non-existent.  Having the keys to the world's greatest puzzles in our pockets, purses, and at our fingertips allows us to harness the vast power of search engines to solve important quandries like: Who's voice is that in Zootopia?  Or relentlessly asking Siri who the best baseball team in the world is (try it).  However, it turns out that search can be useful for more than just quelling our rampant curiousity.  There probably isn't a better example of this than the way people are leveraging search engines to find healthcare solutions. In a recent Google Partners event focused on healthcare, there were some very intriguing statistics and trends.  Here are the highlights.  

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Online Reviews For Doctors: Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Asachild,whenyoudidnotwanttolistentoyourannoyingsibling,yousimplycoveredyourearswithyourhandsandpretendedtheydidnotexist. Inevitably, if you practiced this action consistently, the sibling would finally give up on any hope of getting through to you. This successful tactic meant you could move on with life without having to hear from that annoying sibling. In fact, ignoring any attempt of communication from them was the ideal situation. In a way, ignorance was bliss when it came to any acknowledgement of their existence.

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Why Inbound Marketing For The Medical Sector Is The Answer

According to a new study released by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 77% of online health seekers start their information seeking journey with search engines. The aforementioned stat is so noteworthy it is worth repeating.....77% of online health seekers start their information seeking journey with search engines.

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