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A Baton Rouge Ad Agency's Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. A glorious day of chicken wings, barley pops and various football shaped delicacies, the likes of which you haven’t enjoyed in at least 2 entire weeks since the last football game you watched. As you can tell by the shared and “leaked” videos on Facebook and Twitter, apparently companies advertise in this game. Last year’s game was watched by an estimated 108.4 million people (that’s 216.8 million eyeballs and earballs if you’re keeping score at home)(I’m kind of good at math…).

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Richard Sherman: A Marketing Opportunity Wasted

Last night, Richard Sherman, a rising star for the Seattle Seahawks, had ONE MOMENT to elevate his position in the eyes of millions of viewers, and he blew it. This article is one opinion (mine) on how Richard Sherman broke some very basic rules of marketing. This article is not meant to be an argument or an attack on his personal character. It is simply my opinion on how Richard Sherman violated all of the “positioning” rules of marketing. I fully expect to receive the “who cares” about marketing response. I completely understand that Richard Sherman is on the Seattle Seahawks to play football. However, when you break this incident down, everyone, including Seattle Seahawk fans, should care. This is truly a case of Richard Sherman: A Marketing Opportunity Wasted.

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Nick Saban vs. Les Miles: Who Is The Better Marketer?

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The Inbound Marketing Process: The Nick Saban Approach

The process.  Follow the process.  It sounds cliché; however winning three national championships in four years is anything but cliché.  That’s exactly what Nick Saban has done at the University of Alabama.  Success like this doesn’t happen by accident.  And due to this said process that Coach Saban has brought with him on all of his stops, it’s no coincidence that the Crimson Tide are primed for another run at a BCS title. 

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VW Super Bowl Ads- Cheers or Jeers?

You can always count on Volkswagen to bring a fresh and alternative view to pretty much anything.  They are a lifestyle auto manufacturer, and they focus on conveying their marketing messages in a friendly and non-salesy way.

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