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Should I Invest in Local Media to Tell My Company's Story?

Every business has a story. Whether it is rich in family tradition or a tale of blood, sweat, and tears, everyone likes to tell their company's story.

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The Local Media Advertising Sale: Buyer Beware

Just the other day I told my friend I'd love some new dresses for work. Because she is awesome, she sent me a $50 off dress sale ad from Ann Taylor. I liked the dresses -- the style, the colors, and the length. The only thing that bugged me was the price. Even with the $50 off, the price was still more than I wanted to spend. Also, the marketer in me knew that they'd have a deeper discount down the line or I may find a similar dress at a different retailer for a lower price, and I would be kicking myself for falling for the $50 off incentive. So, I passed and moved on with my life.

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A Small Business Owners Guide to Tracking Local Print Advertising

Your website has been designed and optimized.  You’ve set a budget, defined your buyer personas and determined which local magazine is right for your company. You’ve even designed your ad.  Great job!

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Baton Rouge Marketing Agency Reveals the Missing Link in Radio Ads

Any how-to guide on writing copy for radio commercials will tell you to give a description of the product, mention its benefits, and maybe include a testimonial. You should also keep it brief and leave room for all of the company’s pertinent contact information. But what is often overlooked is the right call-to-action.

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Local Print Publications: Which One Is Right For My Business?

The first blog in our three-part series on local print advertising focused on the critical steps a local business must take before investing in advertising.  If you’ve read the first blog of the series and are comfortable moving forward with local print advertising, you should next consider the following factors, each of which will be crucial in determining exactly which publication option is right for your business.

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Preparing Your Local Business To Advertise In Print

So you’ve taken the time to define your business’ brand, optimize your website—hey, you may have even started to blog—and now you’re ready to start increasing brand awareness, local recognition, and your sales!

But where does a business start with advertising?

Magazine advertising can be a cost-effective, reputable method of advertising your local business. But before you sign on the dotted line and design those beautiful ads, make sure you’ve done the prep work to make your future buyer’s journey smooth and speedy by answering these 4 questions: 

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Baton Rouge Business Owners: Advertising doesn’t work

A successful home project needs to have an organized plan and a capable person to carry out the details correctly. When my husband and I were still in the “honeymoon stage” of our marriage, we decided to build a fence for our newly purchased home. A hammer, some nails, and a shovel were all we really needed to carry out the project, right? With the excitement of a seventh-grader at his first dance, my husband launched his efforts of creating the best fence on the block. The project took up the entire weekend and consisted of many unplanned trips to the hardware store.

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Baton Rouge Television Ads That Produce Results

 If you want television ads that produce results, I have a tip or two for you.  

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