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When it Comes to Your Website's speed, not all Platforms are Created Equal.


As the web has become more ubiquitous and vital in our lives, so has the desire for a better user-experience. These days, it's often jarring to still occasionally come across a website that isn't mobile-friendly and requires you to pinch-to-zoom to read its microscopic text on your phone. And your site also needs to be fast: no one has time to sit and wait for a loading spinner. Even if they do, they're likely not going to have enough patience to remain on your website for very long.

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Will The Web Eventually Render Mobile Apps Obsolete?


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Web Design Trends For Baton Rouge Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you want to update your existing business site or are looking to build something from scratch, you'll want to be ahead of the curve on the very latest in web design trends.  Make sure that your site can stand out in the crowd and encourage user engagement by implementing the in-demand website elements listed in this infographic.

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Google AdWords for Your Baton Rouge Business: What Makes a Quality Ad?

If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you essentially have two options: the most direct way and the scenic route.  Now, no matter what your preference may be, they each have one thing in common; the destination.  Advertising and marketing are very similar.  Of course on our hypothetical road trip, the scenic route may offer better views and different experiences, but it also costs more in terms of time and fuel, and we eventually (hopefully) end up in the same place.  Taking the “scenic route” with your ad dollars can be an expensive mistake.  Avoiding unnecessary elements that consume time and money is crucial for an effective campaign that provides an ROI

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The ABC’s of Digital Marketing: A Baton Rouge Ad Agency’s Web Glossary

If you’ve ever sat in a meeting focused on your website or your digital marketing efforts you’ve likely noticed that there are enough terms, buzzwords, and jargon to make you dizzy.  Wrapping your head around this lingo can be a challenge.  The value behind these metrics and the definitions behind their terminology is critical to your overall strategy; however you need to not only know what each term means, you need to understand the trends, goals, and impact of each measureable. 

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Baton Rouge Marketing Agency Reveals the Missing Link in Radio Ads

Any how-to guide on writing copy for radio commercials will tell you to give a description of the product, mention its benefits, and maybe include a testimonial. You should also keep it brief and leave room for all of the company’s pertinent contact information. But what is often overlooked is the right call-to-action.

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Baton Rouge Marketing Agency Warns of the Dangers of Automation

At BlinkJar Media, we pride ourselves on being a family first company. The majority of our team members have kids ranging from newborns to tweens. We work hard as a team, so we can participate and share in the lives of our children. Whether it's a school play or a swim meet, we appreciate the opportunity to be present with our children. Our children take priority, and we always cover for one another to ensure this privilege is never lost. Children are the reason BlinkJar exists, and they are an integral part of our company.

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Baton Rouge Pay-Per-Click Agency News: Google Clears Right Hand Rail

Subtle changes in real estate and your daily landscape can be very noticeable.  Whether it’s a neighbor that painted their shutters or even fresh mulch around the crepe myrtles that dot the median in your neighborhood; even understated alterations will catch your eye.  New developments being planned and built are the same way; a strip mall going up on a lot that’s been empty for years can leave you scouring for “coming soon” signs and making guesses as to what may be opening.  However, while making additions and improvements to the scenery you pass every day is exciting, there is something to be said for removing some of the staples that make up your daily backdrop.  Finally demolishing that Blockbuster that has sat vacant since Netflix became a verb, your neighbor selling that old car that has blocked the sidewalk since before you moved in, and seeing that unnecessary 4-way stop that extended your commute replaced with a stop light are all examples of how less is more. 

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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should be Using Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click)

It has become a word that just about everyone utters at least once a day. We’ve made it a verb when it is really a noun. In any conceivable circumstance it holds the answer to almost every question we can imagine. So what magical word is this? Google. Not only has this brand created a lofty place in our vernacular it is also quietly spreading its footprint across all things tech and beyond.

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Pay Per Click and SEO: What's the Difference?

What is the difference between an organic ranking(SEO) and a paid ranking (PPC)?

Welcome to BlinkJargon, where we cut through the jargon of web marketing in the blink of an eye.When Google returns your search result, there are two types of results: organic and paid.  Organic rankings are sites that are the closest match to the search query based on relevance and authority.  These rankings are usually earned through relevant content creation.  Read More
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