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What Is Content Marketing?

In the world of marketing, there seems to be an increased and consistent mention of content marketing. What exactly is content marketing and why should a local business care?  Content is a broad term that refers to anything created and uploaded to your website. All the items that make up your website can be considered content: information pages, blogs, videos, podcasts, images, landing pages, e-books, and webinars are all considered to be content. Pretty simple so far, but why should any business put any effort into producing and publishing this content to their site?

A strong focus on content marketing by local businesses is imperative for many valid reasons.  The rules of marketing have changed. As David Meerman Scott explained in his book The New Rules of Marketing & PR, “Prior to the web, organizations had only two significant choices to attract attention: buy expensive advertising or get a third-party link from the media. But the web has changed the rules.”  

Today, the successful marketers are the ones that are earning consumer trust before selling them anything. A good content marketing strategy will develop content focused on educational information within their respective industries. Carefully crafted content can help guide a specific audience down the right path without the assistance of a pushy salesperson.

The best content marketing campaigns will help your company be found organically in search engines. Content also makes your company more authoritative and interesting on social media channels, and positions you as the thought leading expert in your specific industry.