Email Marketing For Professional and Medical Firms

Effective Email Marketing For Businesses


Segment and Target Emails Based On Interest Of Your Audience

Email is one of the most powerful tools at your marketing disposal.  In 2013, marketers sent over 838 billion emails!  It’s a huge number, but it is also a number with a lot of reasoning behind it.  Today, nearly any demographic you can possibly target has email.  Not only do they have it, but they check it daily (91%) and actually preferred to be contacted that way for commercial communications (74%).  The bottom line is that if your company is not utilizing email, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your audience.

The problem that lies within email marketing is that so many organizations use it incorrectly.  Not every email is appropriate for every lead.  There has to be segmentation and targeting of information based on your consumer’s specific needs and interests.  When done correctly, email marketing offers astronomical ROI of 4,300% (No, that isn’t a typo)!  The cost behind email is minimal, but with 66% of consumers making an online purchase based on an email communication, the potential benefits are huge.

At BlinkJar Media, we understand email marketing and how to make it work for you.  We know how to determine which of your consumers are interested in which products or services and can communicate with them appropriately.  With such a powerful and affordable tool available to you, there’s simply no reason not to integrate email into your marketing efforts as another effective means to drive business.