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Jacqueline Pierce

Paid Digital and Social Media Manager


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Dog Mom, Proud Millennial, Introverted Extrovert, Janis Joplin Reincarnate.

 Jacqueline has a long-held passion for marketing and advertising that first began during her formative years as a young girl in Colorado.  For as long as she can remember, she found herself drawn to creative pursuits such as art and music, developing a deep appreciation for virtuosos like Frida Kahlo and Janis Joplin.  As she grew older, she became increasingly fascinated with how such creative endeavors could be expertly woven into the world of business through advertising.  Soon, she found herself fascinated with successful and innovative executives such as David Ogilvy, Mary Wells Lawrence, and others who laid the foundation for the advertising industry to become what it is today.   

When the time came for Jacqueline to select an area of focus during her time at the University of South Alabama, there was no question in her mind.  She pursued her degree in Strategic Communication with a focus in Advertising Planning and Management wholeheartedly, earning her B.A. in 2016.  Over the course of her college career, she learned she had a particular passion for social media.  Despite having been in use for years, social media remains largely uncharted territory for many businesses.  She quickly recognized the incredible benefits companies stand to gain from its interpersonal and evolving nature, and she knew this was the specific area of marketing in which she wanted to launch her career.

Shortly after graduation, Jacqueline was offered the opportunity to do exactly what she loved in the industry she had admired for years with BlinkJar's Social Media Manager position.  She was not disappointed.  Becoming part of BlinkJar’s team gave her exactly what she had hoped for: the opportunity to manage multiple social media platforms for a variety of clients.  Between the wide range of industries and the fast-paced world of social media, her creativity is never stagnant. 

Today, Jacqueline is thrilled to be part of a growing agency with a philosophy that focuses on the future of marketing/advertising and staying ahead of the curve.  As the Paid Digital and Social Media Manager, she expects to be challenged, to be adaptable, and to use her creative thinking, communication, and strategy skills to their fullest capacities. Best of all, she gets to do all of it in a boutique agency environment that feels like home and with a team that feels like family.