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Jared Broussard - Owner of BlinkJar Media 

In February 2012, Jared had a watershed moment and realized the marketing model was broken. Previous to this moment, Jared spent a majority of his professional career in television advertising where he helped local businesses grow through marketing and advertising efforts. During the latter part of his time at the television station, several major factors became apparent:

  • The consumer’s shopping habits were changing fast, and the traditional means of marketing and advertising were not changing with them.
  • Business owners and managers were overwhelmed by the abundance of marketing and advertising options, and frustrated with their inability to prove a return on investment.
  • Standard measurement systems, such as Nielsen ratings, shares, impressions, reach, and frequency were meaningless, and they had no real connection to bottom-line results.
  • There was little differentiation between local advertising and marketing agencies, and an extreme lack of innovation within the industry.

It was time for a new type of agency in Baton Rouge, so Jared launched BlinkJar Media, Baton Rouge’s first Inbound Marketing agency. Since he launched BlinkJar in February 2012, he has been obsessed with the marketing agency model and process with the ultimate goal of making marketing easier for businesses.

Building the right team at BlinkJar is the most important ingredient to running a successful agency which is why BlinkJar only looks for hybrid marketers. Influenced heavily by Paul Roetzer’s book, “The Marketing Agency Blueprint," Jared understands that when all else is equal, it is talent that cannot be replicated. Hybrid marketing firms, like BlinkJar, thrive on change, and continually embrace shifts and advancements in technology to strengthen their business and deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

While Jared is quite captivated by the MarTech world, nothing matters more to him than family. Jared’s inspiration for BlinkJar originated inside Boston Children’s Hospital as, he and his wife, Rikki, cared for their three-month old son Jonathan, who was born with a complex congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. In one of the darkest moments of his life, Jared realized the way people searched and communicated was changing dramatically.

Today, Jared is a board member of the Louisiana Pediatric Cardiology Foundation and is also the marketing chair for the local Get Your Rear in Gear walk/run. Any additional spare moment Jared has is spent on the soccer fields of Baton Rouge. Whether it’s coaching his son or daughter or hobbling around the field in the Over 40's league, Jared can’t get enough of the beautiful game (soccer).

Jared is married to his soccer sweetheart, Rikki. Together, they have two children, Jonathan and Finley. 

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