Baton Rouge Hubspot Gold Partner

BlinkJar and Hubspot: A Gold Level Partnership

Baton Rouge Hubspot Gold Partner

How Can Our Knowledge of Hubspot Help Professional & Medical Firms?

In early 2012, BlinkJar Media was established as an inbound-focused marketing agency. From the beginning, we've sought to help businesses establish their brand and attract customers through various online platforms, and to do so, we partnered with none other than the industry leader and the gold standard in Inbound Marketing: HubSpot.

Today, BlinkJar is a gold level certified agency with HubSpot. The gold level did not come easy as the Inbound Marketing process is a cut against the grain of the traditional media agency setup. Born and bred in Baton Rouge, BlinkJar Media established the core of the company through deep rooted relationships within the local market. By focusing our efforts within the Inbound Marketing philosophy of Hubspot, we have broadened our footprint across the nation with a client base from San Diego to Boston.

If you want to learn more about the BlinkJar relationship with Hubspot, we have written a blog about our HubSpot gold level partnership.