Using An Agency To Determine Marketing ROI

How Can Marketing Analytics Improve Your Business?


Identify Business Opportunities Through Marketing Analytics

One of the best aspects of inbound marketing: Marketing Analytics!  Why, you ask? HubSpot founders, Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah, put it best in their book, Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs, when they say, “The good thing about inbound marketing is that everything is completely measureable. No longer do you have arguments about how XYZ or ABC major account found your product. You know whether it was a Google search, a link from another site, a discussion on Linkedin Answers, or others. The old saying, ‘I know I’m wasting half my marketing budget, but I’m just not sure which half’ is no longer true in the inbound marketing era.”

Marketing Analytics, by definition, is the measurement and optimization of all marketing activities.  Marketing analytics are different from web analytics. Web analytics observe and evaluate the indices that might matter to a webmaster, such as bounce rate, duration of site visit, and page load times (think Google Analytics).  Conversely, Marketing Analytics measure components of a business like traffic, prospects, and customers, ultimately making the determination on a business’s marketing ROI. 

Another fantastic aspect of Marketing Analytics is the ability to see a causal relationship between the actions of inbound marketing- blogging, social marketing, email marketing- to the actual increased flow of traffic to a site, to the initialization of a new lead, and to the conversion of a prospect to a customer.  All of the marketing can be measured. The icing on this marketing cake is that areas of success and areas of deficiency can be easily identified.  Problem or lacking marketing can be modified to perform better and as it does, it too can be tracked.

BlinkJar Media produces monthly marketing analytics reports for all our clients which serves a dual purpose. The direct and residual responses to any inbound efforts can be seen in these reports and areas slated for concentrated developing can also be identified.  BlinkJar reviews client’s marketing analtics on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.