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Media Placement For Businesses


Do you currently have a media placement strategy?

Even the best-executed advertising campaigns won't serve their purpose if they don't reach the intended audience. At BlinkJar Media, in addition to crafting the idea, we also place the media in which the ads will appear.

One of the main objectives with our media buying service is to ensure that your message reaches its target audience. At BlinkJar Media, we measure and analyze the value of traditional and digital media in your business sector, then create a plan based on our findings. We research your core audience and develop a media placement plan to ensure that your investment gets the greatest returns possible.

Working with media outlets can sometimes be an intimidating and overwhelming process for business owners. At BlinkJar Media, we wipe away the stress of media placement by working individually with each media representative to negotiate the best value for your advertisement investment. By handling the media negotiations and placement for businesses, we are enabling business owners the ability to focus on the core of their business without the additional stress of local media management.

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