Pay Per Click Services For Professional & Medical Firms

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Using Pay Per Click To Complement Your Inbound Marketing 

Pay per click advertising allows businesses to show up on the search engine results page by paying for targeted keywords.  The SERP (search engine results page) will display the ads to users who have typed in a certain search query.  The fee paid is based on the clicks generated.  

What determines the cost of a click? Google uses an auction-style bid system to set the prices where the lowest bidder sets the placement for the lowest-valued, least visible spot on the results page. From this point, each spot becomes more visible and valuable, so it is priced at an incremental value higher than the previous ranking.

Google also uses something called quality score in making pricing and ranking decisions. Quality score is an algorithm that scores each of your ads for relevancy – it looks at how closely your keyword relates to your ad and how closely your ad relates to your landing page content. In other words, Google actually scans your landing pages to ensure that you're not just buying keywords and directing them to totally irrelevant pages.

When conducting pay per click services, our team utilizes the most updated practices in mind. However, we feel that paid search should be used as a complementary service, and it should not be a standalone marketing strategy. Our team develops a holistic inbound marketing approach for clients choosing to utilize pay per click services, as a support arm rather than the core marketing service, and our clients see far greater results with their comprehensive organic and paid marketing efforts.