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Amplify Your Social Media Marketing Efforts


Why Hire An Agency For Social Media Marketing?

While many businesses today have a social media presence, very few actively market their business on social media.  Social media marketing is driving measurable business outcomes from customers and prospects through regular and frequent marketing activities.  The marketing activites range from: amplification of content, creative social promotions, video posts, native advertising campaigns, e-commerce conversion campaigns, look-alike audience promotions, and much more.

Getting an audience to take a specific action as a result of your marketing directives is certainly the initial goal of a solid social media marketing strategy.  However, having the software capabilites to measure social media conversions is perhaps the most important step in social media marketing. It makes no sense for any business to invest time and money into processes that cannot be measured.  Dan Zarella, a social media scientists for Hubspot, summarizes the need for measurement is social media marketing by saying, "marketing in social media without data is like driving with your eyes closed."

Does your business have a social media presence? If so, do you have a marketing strategy currently in place that measures the impact of your efforts? BlinkJar Media uses an all-in-one system that eliminates any doubt on the impact that your social media marketing efforts are making.  Whether your business is based in Baton Rouge or Boston, our social media marketing agency can drive successful results for your business.