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Stop Relying On Ineffective Strategies To Deliver Your Message


Content Marketing That Works

Just a few years ago, if your company wanted to release a message to the public, there were limited options. The majority of these options were confined to pricey and ineffective advertising mediums. If a company wanted to release this message to the media via organic or free measures, the chances of it being noticed by any noteworthy media outlet were slim to none.

While some of the traditional means are still very effective, it takes considerable dollars and rich connections to have your message delievered by traditional media outlets. Today, you can manage and market the content that your customers (and search engines) are craving.  From blogs to e-books to video to podcasts, this episode of BlinkJarGon covers the basics of content marketing

Gorden Borell of Borell & Associates summed it up best when he said, "The deer now have guns". Every company now has the same tools, assets, and capabilities that were once only reserved for the mass media. Because of this fact, content marketing has exploded over the last five years.

To be relevant in the minds of their consumer, compaines should rely less on the the old means of delivering messages that are out of theiir control and begin to embrace the new strategies that allow companies the ability to be found when their potential customers are searching for them. 

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